Frequently asked questions

What is yoga?
Yoga is a philosophy which began in India around 5,000 years ago. Yoga is suitable for everyone. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to join’, ‘to unite’ and in yoga we aim to join the mind, body and spirit – to be ‘in the present’ – by stilling the body and the mind through yoga practice. Most people in the West practise Hatha Yoga. This has a focus on the physical postures (positions) of yoga, breathing and relaxation. There are many health benefits to yoga including; lowering the heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, metabolic rate and concentration of lactic acid in the blood. It improves the functioning of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and hormonal systems. Yoga tones and strengthens the body and increases flexibility, balancing the bodily systems for physical and mental well-being.
Do I need previous yoga experience?
No. Baby Yoga includes gentle movements for parents/carers which are suitable for anyone and especially for postnatal recovery. Adult Yoga is suitable for beginners. You will be guided through movements safely and alternatives will be given for specific problems or injuries.
I am not flexible - can I do yoga?
Yoga is for everyone. While images of yoga tend to be of highly flexible people in strange looking positions, the truth is that when you practice yoga you do so to your own abilities and flexibilities working with your own individual body. Yoga is non-competitive and you should never force your body to do anything it can’t do. Yoga positions work on many different levels to suit beginners and the most advanced yogis, a good teacher will work to the needs of the individuals in their class.
What can I expect in a Baby Yoga class?
Breathing Space Yoga classes are small and friendly. You will learn gentle movements for you and your baby. Expect fun songs and rhymes to accompany the movements. Classes are baby led, so feeding, sleeping, nappy changing and crying are perfectly fine in class if that is what baby needs. All classes end with a period of relaxation for you and your baby to promote a sense of calm and re-balance for your day ahead.
What age can I bring my baby?
You can join a class anytime from when your baby is 6 weeks old until they are crawling. Younger babies can safely be guided through basic movements and stretches. They may need to sleep or be comforted more than older babies in class, but movements can be learned and practised at home. Once babies reach about 12 weeks their head control is stronger and they can start doing more active movements and stronger stretches appropriate to their developmental stage. There are further movements which babies can safely participate in as they become more mobile – crawling, shuffling, rolling. We work to each individual baby’s age and ability so alternatives are given for each age group within the class. Alongside this mums can do all the gentle postnatal movements and stretches.
Can special babies do Baby Yoga?
Yes. Baby Yoga can be particularly beneficial for special babies, who are always welcome in class. Movements which promote alignment and relaxation for parent/carer and baby are especially useful and you will be fully supported throughout the class.
Are Baby Yoga classes just for mums and babies?
Dad’s, grandparents, carers and childminders are all very welcome. It is true that most babies are accompanied by their mums, but Baby Yoga is a fantastic way to spend time bonding and communicating with your baby and is highly recommended for dads and other carers too.
What should I bring to Baby Yoga class?
All equipment (mats, cushions etc) are provided unless you are told otherwise. Bring along a blanket for baby to lie on, and often babies get hungry during or at the end of class so bring along their milk or food. Bring along a drink for yourself too although water is available.
What should I wear to class?
For Baby Yoga, you and baby should wear comfortable clothes. You are encouraged to have bare feet during class for safety so that you don’t slip. For adult yoga you should wear comfortable clothes. We work in bare feet.
Do I need to book for a class?
You need to pre-book Baby Yoga classes. This is to ensure we don’t have too large a class at any one time. Adult Classes are available to drop in.
How much do Baby Yoga classes cost?
Classes are £42 for a 6 week block of Baby Yoga classes. You can try a single class (£5) before you book a block. You can join at anytime.
Why do I have to book a 6 week block for Baby Yoga?
A 6 week Baby Yoga course enables you and your baby to learn Baby Yoga moves and techniques safely, at a nice pace. You will then be confident to continue to use them at home safely. You can continue beyond your 6 week block for as long as you like (learning more moves and techniques to suit as baby grows and develops). You can join at any time and if you have pre-arranged commitments you can take your 6 weeks over 7 weeks, or make up a class at another venue.
How much do Adult Yoga classes cost?
Classes are £7 per class drop in and £6 per class if paid for in a half term block (non refundable). You can join at anytime.
Is yoga a religion?
Yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy which anyone can enjoy regardless of whether thay practice a religion or not. Some religions have elements of yoga within them, but yoga does not promote any kind of religious beliefs or requirements. Yoga can be described as a hobby, a sport, for health and fitness. Yoga works on many different levels for many different people. For those wanting and enjoying a deeper practise yoga can bring a meditative quality, a way to find and understand their inner selves, perhaps an inner spirituality or calm, and help them to understand their place in the world. For others it is a great way to tone their bodies, increase flexibility, keep fit and relax.
Is Baby Yoga safe?
True Baby Yoga is a safe, gentle practice for parent and baby to enjoy, learn and grow together. Babies are not forced into positions (and neither are parents!). It is a loving and relaxing, baby led activity promoting the development of babies bodies through gentle movements. If you have a qualified teacher you should be able to check their accreditation with their teaching body. There are some strange and sometimes dangerous practices calling themselves Baby Yoga, mostly outside of the UK, you may have found some of these on websites such as youtube. If you want to find out more about safe Baby Yoga practice I encourage you to visit