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Mr Sun In Baby Yoga “we sing to relax our bodies, release our tensions, lift our spirits and delight our babies” Sally Lomas
A favourite song in class is Mr Sun. We combine the song with arm movements by the parents to engage babies, make a loving […]

Breathing Space Baby Yoga is 1 year old!

4 venues later, 83 hours of classes, 63 babies and their mummies,  1 website, 1 fledgling blog and £303 for charity later and here I am with a full blown 1 year old yoga business.
On 20th June 2013 I taught my very first class […]

2 simple Baby Yoga moves for Tummy Time

How to give your baby more tummy time using Baby Yoga.
Due to current research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the importance of putting babies to sleep on their backs, young babies now spend less time on their tummies. It is very important for […]

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2 super fun Baby Yoga arm movements

Stretching out your baby’s arms also expands their chest for deeper breathing. 

You can do these movements at anytime, even on the bus!  Combined with simple songs they can bring fun and smiles for both of you.
So how do arm movements benefit my baby?

Opens the chest […]

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Colic? Try Baby Yoga

How Baby Yoga could help ease those Colic blues.
“Colic is the medical term for excessive, frequent crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy and well fed. It is a poorly understood yet common condition, and affects around one in five babies”.

Baby […]

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    Touch, warmth, love and security – yoga and the special baby

Touch, warmth, love and security – yoga and the special baby

Today in my Baby Yoga class I was reminded of the wonderful benefits of baby yoga yet again. The calmness that descends on parent and baby as they are given permission to relax, breathe and just ‘be’ together. No ironing, no cleaning, no school […]

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Babies doing yoga? Really?

Find out how you and your baby can benefit from Baby Yoga.
Baby Yoga combines gentle stretching movements for babies, with gentle stretching and toning movements for parents/carers, based on the principles of yoga.
What are the benefits of Baby Yoga?

supports bonding, attachment and communication between […]

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