2 super fun Baby Yoga arm movements

buy Pregabalin online australia Stretching out your baby’s arms also expands their chest for deeper breathing. 

You can do these movements at anytime, even on the bus!  Combined with simple songs they can bring fun and smiles for both of you.
So how do arm movements benefit my baby?

Opens the chest […]

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Colic? Try Baby Yoga

How Baby Yoga could help ease those Colic blues.
“Colic is the medical term for excessive, frequent crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy and well fed. It is a poorly understood yet common condition, and affects around one in five babies”.

Baby […]

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Yoga goes Networking

Today I attended Forward Ladies – a Women’s Business Network hosted at my husbands business Cloverleaf Images. The event was a charity photography session raising money for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal. Taking the lead from photographer Rankin and celebrities in this years […]

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Yoga shows and teacher trainings

Sitting on the train on my way home from the OM Yoga Show at London Olympia, I am feeling inspired. (despite my sore feet that have walked me round the show and London for the last two days).

The show has every kind of yoga […]

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Cat Cow yoga pose for parents

Simple adult yoga movements to open your chest, expand your breathing and strengthen your spine.
Benefits of Cat Pose  (Marjaryasana)  Cow Pose (Bitilasana):

Opens the chest allowing you more space to breathe fully into the whole lungs and chest
Keeps your back in alignment protecting the lumbar area […]

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    Touch, warmth, love and security – yoga and the special baby

Touch, warmth, love and security – yoga and the special baby

Today in my Baby Yoga class I was reminded of the wonderful benefits of baby yoga yet again. The calmness that descends on parent and baby as they are given permission to relax, breathe and just ‘be’ together. No ironing, no cleaning, no school […]

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Making yoga a business

Arriving at my Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 2 training course I am excited about the two days ahead. They will consolidate my Level 1 learning and teaching practice and increase my techniques to incorporate both young babies and mobile babies into my classes.

As I […]

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Babies doing yoga? Really?

Find out how you and your baby can benefit from Baby Yoga.
Baby Yoga combines gentle stretching movements for babies, with gentle stretching and toning movements for parents/carers, based on the principles of yoga.
What are the benefits of Baby Yoga?

supports bonding, attachment and communication between […]

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How to start a Yoga Business

If I wanted my new business as Baby Yoga teacher to succeed I needed to start setting up other classes beyond my coursework to get the business going as soon as I qualified. First I needed a venue for my classes. Easier said than […]

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Qualified to do Yoga Business

I suddenly notice the email in my inbox ‘Confirming that a teachers record has been created for you on the Birthlight website.’ Does that mean I’ve qualified and gained my certificate as a Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 1 teacher? I click on the email […]

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