Perfect for Father’s Day!

A great, affordable family cookbook which encourages you to cook with your children.

I bought this cook-book for my husband, John, on Father’s Day a couple of years back.  He likes to cook and this seemed like a nice gift from our son Max who was 2 at the time.

My Daddy Cooks is by Nick Coffer, a stay at home dad who cooks with his son Archie and more recently also with his younger daughter Matilda.  They have a tiny kitchen, but manage to create fantastic simple food together on an affordable budget.  As well as the book Nick has a regular My Daddy Cooks Blog with short videos of himself and Archie cooking more recipes.

We have used the book A LOT.  The recipes are simple, easy to follow with good pictures and they taste GREAT. Occasionally we find that we like to add a bit more spice to the dishes, but that’s all subject to your taste (and of course your children’s) if you are cooking for a family.

Breathing Space Yoga kids cookingBreathing Space Yoga kids cookingBreathing Space Yoga kids cookingBreathing Space Yoga kids cooking

Max and Daddy cook pizza!

Eating as a family

Since our two boys were weaning, we have always tried to cook for the family as a whole for the majority of the week.  (With the odd meal here and there restricted to just mummy and daddy after the boys have gone to bed – so we can cook things the boys are not so keen on and have a full uninterrupted conversation with each other!) Eating as a family has encouraged the boys to try lots of different things, encouraged us to cook meals we can enjoy together, and created an interest in food and cooking for both our boys.

That said, Max can be a very slow eater and there are things like uncooked tomatoes he just won’t eat.  Callum on the other hand usually devours most things at a quicker pace!

Breathing Space Yoga kids cooking

Breathing Space Yoga kids cooking Max makes blackberry crumble with blackberries we picked whilst out walking locally

Max goes through periods of being really keen to cook with us.  He likes to mix things, help chop things – mushrooms are good as you don’t need a sharp knife, peel veg (he holds my hand as I use a peeler) and weigh things out.  His favourites are of course making cakes, but he likes to make pizza with Daddy and has helped with lots of different recipes from My Daddy Cooks.

Family favourites from My Daddy cooks include:

Oven Baked Risotto, Creamy wild mushroom and Parma ham pasta bake, Fish roasted with an easy sun-dried tomato tapenade (which includes leftover tapenade to use as a stir in for pasta), Mexican Lasagne.




Check out the My Daddy Cooks Blog for some encouragement to cook with your children.  I especially like these two posts.  Look out for the star fish and for the very real experience of a whole egg being thrown into the mixture!!

As long as you give yourself a bit of extra prep time and don’t mind making your kitchen a mess, it is really fun and rewarding to cook with your children.  It enables them to have fun exploring food, how it is made and then feel really proud that what they have made is  then on their plate to eat.  Have a go!


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