How to give your baby more tummy time using Baby Yoga.

Due to current research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the importance of putting babies to sleep on their backs, young babies now spend less time on their tummies. It is very important for babies to be encouraged to spend time on their tummies while they are awake as this helps them to:

  • strengthen the neck and spine muscles for supporting the head
  • straighten the back in preparation for crawling
  • massage the tummy which can aid the digestive system.
  • avoid the back of the head becoming flat after birth from lying in one position on their back
Did you also know that tummy time helps a baby to open up their back and chest which strengthens their respiratory system?

It can be hard to find time in your day for tummy time. These simple, gentle Baby Yoga movements are such fun for you and baby, you’ll soon be finding time to do them everyday! 1. Mini-Cobra

Suitable from birth. Be gentle with the movement, work with your baby’s flexibility and never force anything. If your baby isn’t keen, try again later or on another day.  Build up the time spent in mini-cobra slowly.

Breathing Space Yoga tummy time

Lie your baby on their tummy. This could be on the floor or across your lap as you are seated on the floor. If baby is on your lap try to sit tall and straight to protect your back and help your posture. Begin by stroking from the top of the shoulders to the hands, baby will probably raise their head once they have established a reasonable head control naturally. You can also use a toy or mirror to encourage baby to lift their head.

Mini cobra is a good position to give your baby a gentle back massage. Gently stroke down your baby’s back from the neck to the base of the spine.

From 12 weeks your baby will begin to lift their head by themselves whenever they are on their tummy.

this hyperlink 2. Roller Coaster

Suitable from 12 weeks. Sit with baby face down across your thighs and a cushion on the floor under their head for protection from the floor below. Support your baby with one hand on their back.  Gently bend your leg that is under their chest to raise baby up slightly, then lower.  Bend your other leg under their hips to raise them so their hips are slightly higher than their head. Repeat a few times.

Breathing Space Yoga tummy time  BSY_063

Try to ensure you are sitting up straight and use your other hand on the floor behind you to support you if necessary.


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Based on movements developed by Birthlight.

Don’t practice yoga with your baby if they or you are tired, unwell or upset. It is best not to practice straight after a feed. Never force any movements for baby or yourself. Watch and listen for your baby’s cues and if they are not happy stop and try again later. Always get the advice of your doctor or health professional before undertaking any physical activity. Where possible yoga and baby yoga is best practiced with the guidance of a qualified teacher. You can find your nearest Birthlight teacher at