This weekend was the first of 10 weekends and one 4 day retreat which I will spend with several other yoga devotees as we train to become yoga teachers over the next year. It was scary, exciting, enriching, calming, brain hurting and wonderful in so many ways.

Before Christmas I had narrowed down my search for a teacher training programme to two Yoga Alliance 200 hour courses run by two well-known and world-wide respected teachers in London. One was based on a variety of yoga styles and the other on Anusara® Yoga teaching. As this was a new style of yoga for me I decided to attend a class with Bridget Woods Kramer who would be teaching the course.

So I went to Triyoga studios in Chelsea and took part in a strong, challenging class which I was delighted to be able to keep up with and enjoyed hugely. Bridget was welcoming, open and had a good sense of humour and she was attentive to all the students in the busy class. Her teaching experience was quite obviously vast. The next day, apart from sore stomach muscle,s I felt good. The class was very much at the levels I had attended in California and the level I wanted to get back to now that my boys are toddling around and I am ready to get back to my yoga more regularly.

So I decided to make the time and financial commitment to the Anusara® Immersion and Teacher Training course running from Feb 2014 to January 2015. Although initially I hadn’t wanted to specialise in a particular yoga style I was taken with Anusara® and its focus on alignment combined with flowing movements and more importantly with Bridget. Teacher Training 200 hours is just the start. A training with a great teacher will create a solid foundation from which I can continue to specialise, or from which I can branch out as my teaching style and experience develops in the future.

I was anxious about this first weekend. Had I made the right choice of training? Would it be too much to keep travelling down to London? What would everyone else’s yoga practice be like? (not in a competitive way but in a ‘am I ready?’ way) Would I be able to keep up? But as soon as I sat in the studio, took some lovely deep breaths and watched my fellow students arrive with similar looks of excitement and nervousness I relaxed. Half an hour later and I was hugely engaged in Bridget, her knowledge and her funny stories. An hour later I was flowing through a nicely paced yoga practice, becoming stretched and soothed and beginning to absorb the Anusara® principles of attitude, alignment and action as we practiced. Several hours later and I was still practising poses, absorbing knowledge and feeling happy with my choice. And I didn’t look at the clock once, which I came to realise is Bridget’s amazing teaching skills. I think I am very lucky.

By the end of the weekend I had done poses I hadn’t done for a very long time, poses I do all the time, I had a feel for Anusara® and its Universal Principles of Alignment and had a tiny grasp on the history of Yoga and some of its philosophy (through a session with Mark Davis). I felt a sense of achievement, an energy to keep up my practice and a sense that I needed to reach for lots of yoga books and particularly to try to get to grips with some of the philosophy in more depth.

Bridget talked often of Aha! moments. Moments of understanding, experience and clarity. I don’t think I achieved a truly Aha! moment over the weekend, but I have no doubt that I will over the coming 12 months and I look forward to that and the journey with my lovely fellow students. Namaste.